Connecticut shoreline preparing for Tropical Depression Nicole

The highest winds are expected over southeastern portions of Connecticut.
Published: Nov. 10, 2022 at 4:50 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 11, 2022 at 5:51 AM EST
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MILFORD, CT (WFSB) - The remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole will arrive in Connecticut in about 24 hours.

As the storm approaches, cities and towns along the shoreline are already taking precaution, including Milford.

The big concern for Tropical Storm Nicole is not only the potential for flooding in poor drainage areas, but more importantly the wind.

“Well this particular area always floods,” said Sue Urbinati.

Out walking her dogs, Urbinati said those who live around Milford’s Bayview Beach neighborhood know what’s in store whenever a major storm is in the forecast.

“It’s at least a couple of houses up, the drains will be flooding over too and as I said, if you look at them now, they’re full already,” said Urbinati.

Milford’s Department of Public Works is already taking a number of steps to hopefully limit the impact Tropical Storm Nicole could have here.

Channel 3 Meteorologist Scot Haney gave an update on Nicole:

Meteorologist Scot Haney has the latest on Tropical Storm Nicole.

“This morning I had the street sweeper go around all the underpasses, railroad underpasses, bridges that are prone to flooding, sweeping up the leaves,” said Thomas Hunt with the Milford Department of Public Works.

Milford Public Works said it will focus on the poor drainage areas like downtown and use its vac truck to suck out leaves from the catch basins across the city.

“As you know this time of year, leaves are falling, they get on top of the catch basin covers, and it prevents the water from going down the drain,” said Hunt.

But the real story could be the wind.

In advance of Tropical Storm Nicole, the tree crew with Milford’s Department of Public Works was already out working Thursday. They’ll be on standby Friday, ready to go.

Nicole storm track
Nicole storm track

“Just in case, they’re saying 45 mph winds, but with gusts. There are still leaves on some of the trees, not all of them falling, so that gives it prone for trees to fall, so they’re gearing up for that to prepare for that,” Hunt said.

As the crew takes several steps to prepare, the city asks if you could give them a hand as well.

Read Channel 3's technical discussion

“We’re asking all the Milford residents too, there are 9000 basins in this city. We cannot keep up raking 9000 basins of leaves. If they can help us out, rake the leaves off the basin top so we can let the water go down,” said Hunt.

Hunt said based on the tide, he’s hoping the flooding will be minor, but he said they will continue to monitor the conditions along with police and fire.

He’s asking those who live in the low-lying neighborhoods, if you hear the sirens go off Friday night or early Saturday, head to higher ground.

The Connecticut shoreline is preparing for Tropical Storm Nicole's arrival on Friday.