Mother gives birth in car on the way to the hospital

Mother gives birth in car on the way to the hospital
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 6:25 PM EDT
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(WFSB) - It’s not every day that you hear about a baby getting delivered inside a car.

That was the case for a Simsbury family as they were rushing to get to the hospital last week.

They were trying to get to Saint Francis Hospital.

But about ten minutes away from the hospital, the mother delivered the baby.

Meet Jennah Quraishi.

You see her sleeping calmly here, but she had quite the entrance into this world.

The initial due date was March 26 but in the early morning hours of March 15, Farah Khan awoke.

“I woke up that night and I was getting frequent contractions,” Farah said.

She had seen her doctor the previous day and already had three false alarms. Farah started timing her contractions through an app.

“My app is telling me get ready, eat a meal and get ready and go,” said Farah.

So she and her husband got their two kids in the car and grabbed the already packed bags.

“At like 4:09am we left and at that point, my active labor started,” Farah said.

This was the day after it had snowed in Simsbury.

“Branches all over the ground, and I’m telling him to rush,” said Farah.

“I’ve got to be safe,” said Farhat Quraishi.

“Yeah, because the kids are in the back,” Farah said.

Farah’s husband Farhat was driving.

“Had to concentrate,” said Farhat. “Kids are telling me to put on prayer, she’s screaming, I’m trying to calm everyone down.”

“He’s like just breathe, just breathe and I’m like okay I’m breathing,” Farah said.

They were about ten minutes away from the hospital, right by the Hartford - West Hartford line.

“It was literally a movie scene. I was like her shoulders are coming out,” said Farah. “And then literally I’m like oh my god, oh my god, she’s coming out!”

“I was pretty calm until the point where she’s telling me the head’s coming out,” Farhat said.

Everything happened quickly.

“Took her out, took my baby out! Yeah, yeah so that she doesn’t fall. It was insanity and he’s just looking at me and I’m like she’s crying, it’s a good sign, let me put her in my shirt,” Farah said.

This is the Volkswagen baby Jennah was born inside of.

“Her birth certificate literally says the name of the car, Volkswagen ID.4,” Farah and Farhat said.

All of it is a bit surreal for Jennah’s mother and father.

“This was so scary, so crazy but at the same time so magical and so beautiful,” said Farah.

Fortunately, baby Jennah and her mother are both healthy and doing well.

We’re also told the car was in mint condition after the delivery.

Saint Francis provided a statement: