Wesleyan University to cover costs of abortion for students

When students return back to Wesleyan in the fall, any abortion-related costs will be covered.
Published: May. 10, 2023 at 11:31 PM EDT
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MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WFSB) - When students return back to Wesleyan in the fall, any abortion-related costs will be covered.

“You can have change. Change doesn’t always have to be difficult, and change doesn’t always mean people are going to tell you no,” said Ruby Clarke, Wesleyan Democratic Socialists Member.

In the fall of 2023, Wesleyan University will cover the cost of abortions after insurance for all students.

“It’s been really great to have students feel supported by this new change, but it’s also great to see how it’s made people get activated and interested in this issue,” Ruby said.

Wesleyan Democratic Socialists, or WesDS, brought the idea to the school. After their petition got over 700 signatures, Wesleyan was on board.

“Democratic socialism is about making sure everyone’s needs are met and everyone has a voice that’s heard,” Ruby explained.

“At a time when reproductive access is unfairly taken from people around the country, Wesleyan is making sure that anyone who comes here to the school will have that service provided for them, and I think it’s a great step,” added Vincent Langan, Junior, Wesleyan University. “This is giving students a good message from the top, from the administrators, that we can take action as an institution, and as students, you can be a part of that. I think it’s really empowering.”

The university already covers the cost of birth control for students.

Now it will not only cover the cost of abortions but transportation to and from the clinic, postoperative medication, and emergency contraceptives to students free of cost.

“To just support it so fully and not just in their words but in their actions is just great,” said Theo Dolan, Junior, Wesleyan University.

“At a time when reproductive freedom is being threatened around the country, Wesleyan is dedicated to providing students with support for free emergency contraception or for the decision to terminate a pregnancy.”

Wesleyan University Spokesperson

“It just eliminates the stress of having a female reproductive system and that’s huge for everybody,” said Hannah Goodwin-Pierce, Wesleyan Graduate.

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